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Codecademy and Ruby

Just a quick one: I've recently went through the free portion (which is most of it) of the ruby course on codecademy and I must say: I'm impressed. It does a pretty good job of drilling the concepts into you and gives examples that at least make sense.

If you want to work with Chef or Puppet, for example, this course will make your life much easier.

It is always about the women

So apparently a new law on domestic violence is being considered in Russia. The project is very broad ambigious for now and really does need work, but let's paint it as an emotional gendered issue now shall we! It doesn't matter that all the laws that are supposed to protect people from domestic violence are already in place, and what shoud be happening enforcement of these laws. New laws on the subject would change neither jack nor shit if they are not being enforced. You fucking morons


Every year, tens of thousands of Russian women and children suffer every possible kind of familial abuse — be it battery, rape or even attempted murder.

Yes, and so do men. Women are perfectly capable of abusing their kids and spouse. And some do.

According to official Russian government statistics that undoubtedly under-report the situation, a massive 40 percent of all violent crimes are committed within the family. This correlates to 36,000 women being beaten by their partners every day and 26,000 children being assaulted by their parents every year.

Where is the stat about men in this? Are you just assuming all of those victims are women and children?

Larisa Ponarina, deputy director of the Anna Center, an NGO helping victims of domestic violence, suggests that more than 14,000 women die every year as a result of domestic abuse.

And how many men do?

“If he beats you, it means he loves you,” as one famous Russian saying has it.

First of all, that is not an accurate translation of the saying. The original is not gendered. Second, who says this unironically in this day and age? Idiots, that's who. Russian society in general, at least the central parts, have discarded those ideas decades ago.

Look at these stats they show btw:

Notice how it's completely ungendered? That's because if you actually show it split by genders, you'd see that a lot of those victims are men. And we can't have that while painting men as monsters, no-no-no.

However, the mere fact that domestic violence remains a criminal offense sends the right message: beating your wife and children is wrong, and for that you will be punished.

Beating your husband, however? Totally fine.

If a woman decides to leave her abusive husband or report him to the police, often her own relatives will disown her. “They would say that keeping the family together and standing behind the father of her children is more important,” says Anna Center’s Larisa Ponarina.

Do you know what happens to a man who leaves his abusive wife? She gets to keep the children, he's forced to pay child support AND it's a social suicide in a lot of cases. But no, only women suffer from this.

When a child is being regularly beaten up or sexually assaulted by his father, the mother often covers it up, thinking that there is no need to air the dirty laundry in public

Except that women abuse their children pretty much just as often as men do.

Get your shit together, people. Domestic violence isn't a gendered problem. Unless you stop treting it like one, you will never actually get to fixing it.

Separating Church and State

GNU butcher

some self-quoting:

fbt: Guys. Guys. Guys guys guys.
fbt: If someone wants to rewrite coreutils in go
fbt: The only name you should ever consider is goreutils

Diversity and Inclusion at GitHub

Haha oh wow, github continues to go insane at an alarming pace. Get a load of this:

Still, we are falling short in obvious ways. There are no Black/African-American GitHubbers in management positions, which is unacceptable. Diversity in technical roles lags behind our overall organization. Our gender imbalance remains. And we still have a lot of work to do to ensure we are building an inclusive culture.

They are literally treating minorities as pokemon. This is minority quota, they are not even hiding it. “We need a black woman, a latina woman, a chinese man and a russian bear in management positions. That way we would have the full set”. Diversity is numbers to them. A game. How is this not insulting to people?

Run from github. Run like it's on fire.

systemd upstream is asking tmux to add systemd specific code

Because of course they are! It aligns perfectly with how the systemd upstream behaves: “We have decided X is how it is supposed to be, now change everything according to our decision. And gain a runtime systemd dependency in the process.”

Fuck these guys, seriously.

systemd now kills user processes after the user logs out

...by default. Do I have to even say that's complete insanity? Apparently I do, as people are defending this change going as far as saying that the old behaviour was a bug that tools like tmux and screen were abusing.

It's also, of course, not actually expected behaviour and a bug. What are you saying? It was like that for 30 years, so it very much is expected behaviour? Nope.

Now listen here you little shits. I've been a system administrator for around 10 fucking years now. I can tell you what this change will result in: confusion. Lots and lots of confusion. Hours of trying to figure out what went wrong only to at some point finally linking logging out your last session and your processes dying.

systemd continues its well-established tradition of breaking shit that worked for decades. And people still defend that calling everything the systemd upstream doesn't like “a bug” or “abuse”. You disgust me.

Polygon vs Legally Blind Guy

This guy is legally blind, and he's still better than that polygon employee:

DooM on Linux

So the Alpha (non-DRM) and MP beta versions of the new DooM (or Doom 4) work perfectly on WINE... but the finished version does not. The culprit? Denuvo DRM.

You could have had Linux compatability basically for free, id. But you fucked up and lost Linux customers for no good reason at all. GG guys. 10/10.

Adding a custom URI handler to Firefox

So Mozilla are fucking retards and removed any convenient way to add a custom URI handler.

  • You can't add one by just following a, say, ssh://host link. Firefox doesn't ask you what to use to open the link anymore, just goes HURR DURR UNKNOWN PROTOCOL.
  • You can't add one in Preferences -> Applications. No “add” button anymore.
  • You can't force it through about:config like you used to.

Here is how you can do it though. Find a file called mimeTypes.rdf in your firefox profile and add the custom protocol.

First, add the scheme in the 'urn:schemes:root' block:

<RDF:Seq RDF:about="urn:schemes:root">
	<RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:scheme:telnet"/>

Then, add a new block:

<RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:scheme:telnet"
	<NC:handlerProp RDF:resource="urn:scheme:handler:telnet"/>

Now restart the browser and go to Preferences -> Applications. telnet will be there.

And to you, the person who decided to remove this function: Choke on your own cock.