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Arma 3 launcher

So yeah I disliked all the Arma 3 launchers I've found, wrote my own. Have no idea what to name it yet, but it does everything I wanted it to.

sx-open rewrite

I was trying to fix a bug and ended up re-writing most of sx-open. It has a fancy/friendly config now, so if that was stopping you from using it — there you go :)

It also supports a '%target%' macro in the command part, for complex handlers. Can be specified multiple times. See config for an example.

Steam and its new open policy

So Valve have decided not to censor games on political, social and other such grounds, instead adopting an almost wild west ruleset: anything goes, unless it's illegal or is what they call “trolling” — I assume it encompases things that are obviously malicious in nature, instead of actual games.

Such a decision, while commendable, is not what I — and, evidently, most of the Internet — expected from them, especially since just a few weeks ago they told adult games to self-censor or fuck off.

Unsurprisingly, some people are quite upset over these news, and so Valve is getting a fine ammount of shit for their decision. I only hope they won't cave under the pressure and stand their ground on this one.

This tweet from the founder of itch.io is wonderful on a number of levels btw. “...authorizing toxic people to exist on their platform”. What a fucking tool.

A good man died today

So yeah. Online.net's a massive pile of dog shite.

Unless you just need basically a throwaway machine — don't. Their support is abysmally slow. They won't fix broken servers. They won't even put the disks into another machine if yours broke. Every time there is a problem, it turns into a massive pain in the ass, when other (lowcost) hosters have treated these situations gracefully for years now.

Avoid like plague, seriously. These guys don't respect your time or money. If you need a lowcoster, hetzner are pretty damn good for what they are. Although they aren't as cheap as they used to be.

8fw shortlinks

It was brought to my attention that my shortlink service is being used to scam people. Well congratulations, assholes, you've made the service a bit less convenient. It won't redirect you to the target URL anymore, showing it to you instead. You can't override this.

This is why we can't have nice things

Of course it's systemd again: hostnamed doesn't like fqdns with trailing dots.

poettering locked and limited conversation to collaborators.

Please find another place to troll, thank you.

Seriously? Where's the trolling, Lennart? All I see is people asking valid questions. This is exactly the problem with the project: Lennart is a paranoid lunatic with a messiah complex. As long as he's steering the ship, it's going nowhere pleasant.

Ballistic Overkill

So I've been playing Ballistic Overkill for a while. Shit's a real fuckin' treat. Fast, brutal, low TTK. 7 very flexible classes with diverse selection of guns and perks for wildly different playstyles. You know, actual depth to the gameplay. I'm looking at you, Overwatch!

Basically, it's a team-focused class-based... Quake. If that sounds fun, make sure to give it a try.

P.S. Oh btw I've played a few hours of Overwatch recently. It's horrible.

A Challenger Appears!

Escape from System D

Yeah, I know, it's just another init system. But the author seems to be specifically challenging systemd. Personally, I'm going to watch this one closely.

The Red Pill

The Red Pill movie is not... what I expected. I was expecting to be watching a dry commentary filled with stats and references. Instead, this movie is, in part, a personal journey of a feminist who started with a feminist movie in mind and found herself questioning her own feminism.

It's curious, at the very least. Pretty well-made too. Worth a watch.