fleshless.org No. You move.


A lurker's journal

No more Hetzner

Hetzner has terminated all contracts with Russian users. As such:

  • voidwalker.fleshless.org (
  • malganis.fleshless.org (,

...have been taken offline.

The DNS entries now default into *.fleshless.org, which is the new server: cid.fleshless.org, with the network attached.

I've updated the default mirrors for Spark accordingly.

8fw.me transfer

As with crab.im, the 8fw.me is moving to another registrator, and the zone was lost in the process. I can't edit nameservers yet because the new place is being slow, so it will be down for a while.

UPD: It's back.

crab.im #2

The domain has been successfully moved to a new registrator. I've also enabled MUCs for the server, and updated the website with some warnings.


The crab.im domain is currently in the process of moving to a new registrator, as the old one stopped processing every single payment that I have (name.com).

If you use my jabber service, you will likely experience some downtime. Can't do much about it.


I don't really have reasons to write long-form posts these days. This blog will stay in place, for project news and updates, but if you wanna keep in touch, my twitter is the place to check out.

On removing posts

As I've been getting some questions about my old posts, I'll just explain something in one place.

My sociopolitical views have recently made a fairly steep turn, and, as such, a lot of older blog posts don't represent my current views, sometimes pretty radically. I am, however, not a fan of trying to hide the fact that one has changed their mind on something. Quite the opposite, I think it demonstrates that beliefs are not inherent, they can change.

Yes, I used to be a reactionary. As unfortunate as that is, it happened. I have to live with it now. Hiding it seems like it would be a disservice to the discourse.

Happy to clarify specific positions when asked tho.

HypeIRC and yggdrasil

Or Totally Super Secret™ IRC network is now available with the use of yggdrasil. Both for testing Ygg itself and in search for a more stable technical foundation for the community.

So if you're interested in either, come say hi: just drop some closeby publilc peers from the ygg wiki into your config and you're golden — we're peered into the main test network.

UFW: invite-only registration

Bots and malicious randos are a bit tiring with my current workload, so UFW is now invite-only. Not like many legit people were registering anyway.

Ping me for an invite if you need one tho.

Rip and Tear

Once upon a time, I used this blog to write about things I like. Let's start doing that again, that was pretty nice.

Specifically, I've played a few retro-style shooters in the last couple of weeks, and each and every one of these is fucking amazing.



John Romero's SIGIL is a free(-ish) new episode for Doom, bringing you all the dickishness of Romero's levels that you could ever wish for. In spades. Some reviews of this episode will tell you that Ultra Violence is a troll skill level in this one, and you should at least start with Hurt Me Plenty. Those people are pussies. UV or bust you fucking cowards.

Ion Fury

Ion Fury

If all you know about Ion Fury is that bullshit with supposed transphobia in the game: forget about that shit, it's a few distasteful jokes in an ocean of toilet humour and extremely obvious and rude puns. The whole game is like that, and if you don't get a chuckle from “Who wants some Wang?” once in a while, you will really hate this one.

Otherwise, Ion Fury is quite amazing for what it is. It feels really good to play, runs amazing (duh), and the levels! The levels alone are worth the price; the things these people did to poor old Build Engine are unspeakable. Huge props.



Dusk... how do I even explain Dusk...

Imagine if Quake was actually a good game and took the theme to 11. Fire it up on Cero Miedo and prepare to have your ass handed to you. Oh and learn to straefejump, it's a requirement.


Amid Evil

Amid Evil

I've never gotten into the whole magic shooter genre, not really. Heretic and Hexen don't have the oomph that Doom does. Enter Amid Evil. Even as someone who doesn't really like the fantasy aesthetic... GOD FUCKING DAMN this game is gorgeous. I happen to like it with pixelization turned up, but it looks amazing either way. I've legit stopped to admire the levels many times during gameplay. And there's a lot of secrets to make exploration worth it, too.

But don't be fooled by pretty visuals. Prepare to die on Evil difficulty. A lot. What? There are no other difficulties you pussy.


This is why we can't have nice things. From now on I'm not supporting a project till I'm getting at least a beta in return. And Iga, choke on my pledge you condescending fucker. Not even offering full refunds, what a joke.