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Steam and its new open policy

So Valve have decided not to censor games on political, social and other such grounds, instead adopting an almost wild west ruleset: anything goes, unless it's illegal or is what they call “trolling” — I assume it encompases things that are obviously malicious in nature, instead of actual games.

Such a decision, while commendable, is not what I — and, evidently, most of the Internet — expected from them, especially since just a few weeks ago they told adult games to self-censor or fuck off.

Unsurprisingly, some people are quite upset over these news, and so Valve is getting a fine ammount of shit for their decision. I only hope they won't cave under the pressure and stand their ground on this one.

This tweet from the founder of itch.io is wonderful on a number of levels btw. “...authorizing toxic people to exist on their platform”. What a fucking tool.