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HypeIRC split

Warning: Hyperboria news. If you don't know what Hyperboria is, just ignore this post.

As a result of a massive drama that was brewing for a few months now, ansuz has split his ircd (irc.fc00.io) from the network, taking quite a few people with him.

A few development channels have moved to his ircd, including:

  • #documentation
  • #cjdns
  • #peering

HypeIRC itself has not changed though. It's still at irc://irc.hypeirc.net

irc.fc00.io is also now the default ircd people are being sent to from the public channel on Esper. It's supposedly a more heavily moderated network, at least if you believe the reasons for the split. It's probably going to end up as a development-focused hangout.