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systemd now kills user processes after the user logs out

...by default. Do I have to even say that's complete insanity? Apparently I do, as people are defending this change going as far as saying that the old behaviour was a bug that tools like tmux and screen were abusing.

It's also, of course, not actually expected behaviour and a bug. What are you saying? It was like that for 30 years, so it very much is expected behaviour? Nope.

Now listen here you little shits. I've been a system administrator for around 10 fucking years now. I can tell you what this change will result in: confusion. Lots and lots of confusion. Hours of trying to figure out what went wrong only to at some point finally linking logging out your last session and your processes dying.

systemd continues its well-established tradition of breaking shit that worked for decades. And people still defend that calling everything the systemd upstream doesn't like “a bug” or “abuse”. You disgust me.